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About the Brand M’englū Paris

"About A Dream out of A Dream"

M'englū Paris is much more than just a streetwear label; it is the embodiment of passion and precision. Founded in 2016 by Paulinus Fung M'englū, it all started with hand-painting t-shirts. But it quickly became an insider tip in the upscale streetwear scene. The heartbeat of our brand lies in the personal hand painting by Paulinus Fung M'englū, which gives each garment a unique finishing touch.
Our garments are an expression of tireless dedication, sophistication and continuous development. Each piece results from a careful design and production process in which craftsmanship always plays a key role.

The clear cuts and elegant design of M'englū are often deliberately provocative and are characterized by quality and unique craftsmanship. They are a guaranteed eye-catcher, be it on special occasions or in everyday life. Our team has mastered the art of reflecting personality and image in every outfit - a continuous process inspired by attention to detail and a sense of freedom. We create timeless looks of everlasting beauty.
M'englū's high-quality products are created through a lengthy and inspiring development process and combine simple, creative styles in a powerful and timeless way. All our products are made in Europe. M'englū Paris products are available exclusively in our online shop and from our partners. As a young fashion label, we are constantly growing and building a close community of friends.

Our logo embodies the designer's family name M'englū, and the paint brush stroke symbolizes the artistic craftsmanship of our label.
At M'englū Paris, our mission to create the best brand in the world is inextricably linked to our commitment to our planet and humanity. We are not just a fashion & lifestyle company, we are a global meeting place for people. We see what is unique and special in each individual. Our products are not just clothing, but a tool to boost self-confidence and emphasize your inner glow. We take responsibility for our planet by producing sustainably and for humanity by supporting social projects. Our customers are part of our global family. We create long-lasting connections and listen carefully to their voices to continually improve. Because at M'englū Paris we believe that fashion is more than just style - it is a connection between all of us that changes the world in a positive way.

Together we can transform the world of fashion. Join our journey, share your stories and inspire others. Together we can recognize and celebrate what is special in every person. We invite you to explore our products and become part of our mission.
Become part of the M'englū Paris family and help us change the fashion industry and the world.